Sample drawings

This page shows sample PNG and SVG pictures, produced by TpX. (Some PNG images were exported as "LaTeX custom" and then resized and made more contrast in IrfanView). A plug-in is needed to view SVG images in a browser (or a browser which can show SVG images).



8Queens.svg    AuAl.svg    BrainModel.svg    Bridge.svg    Card.svg    ChiliPepper.svg    Circuit.svg    Classify.svg    Consumer.svg    DensGraph.svg    Eh-Yu.svg    ErrInVar.svg    Game.svg    KleinBottle.svg    Kolm.svg    kvartira.svg    Levita.svg    Math-USC.svg    Membrane.svg    Origami.svg    Pendulum.svg    Plot3D.svg    Pythagoras.svg    Refraction.svg    Sprayer.svg   

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