About TpX drawing tool

TpX command line options

-f option can be absent. Just run TpX as
TpX.exe <options> <file name>.

When output file is not specified with -o option, TpX chooses file name automatically.

When -i -l options are used the parent TeX file is scanned for \input{<filename>.TpX} line. The line closest to specified line is chosen. This is useful for calling TpX from LaTeX editor like WinEdt. (See Adding TpX to WinEdt menu on how to use this with WinEdt.)

In presence of -o and/or -x option TpX runs without GUI.


TpX.exe foo.TpX
- open foo.TpX in TpX program, GUI

TpX.exe foo.TpX -o
- refresh foo.TpX, no GUI

TpX.exe foo.svg -x png
- import foo.svg and export it as png with name foo-export.png, no GUI

TpX.exe foo.TpX -o foofoo.TpX -m pgf,png
- load foo.TpX and save it as foofoo.TpX using pgf and png output formats, no GUI