About TpX drawing tool


TpX drawing can be previewed in many formats. It can be previewed as a part of LaTeX document (see TpX output formats) or as a stand-alone image (see Export formats).

Stand-alone image is just exported and opened in a default program associated with the image extension. Note that the fonts are normally not embedded and the result is not as nice as it is with LaTeX. So use this for quick preview or for drawings without complex text or formulas.

Temporary LaTeX document is produced using one of the following sequences:

Make sure that the paths to the tools (LaTeX, PdfLaTeX, DVIPS) and viewers needed are set in "TpX Settings".

LaTeX preamble is taken from the file. This is basically a \documentclass command. Current version of TpX adds the packages it needs (graphicx, color, pstricks, pgf, tikz, epic, bez123, floatflt, wrapfig) automatically. However, make sure that other relevant packages are included in LaTeX preamble. For example, if you use AMS fonts, put \usepackage[psamsfonts]{amssymb} to the preamble. Do not forget to include language and encoding stuff as needed. For example,