About TpX drawing tool

TpX usage

TpX is a GUI program. So be prepared to use mouse, menus, etc. The primary use of TpX is for smooth inclution of vector graphics into LaTeX documents.

TpX drawings are included in LaTeX files using \input command, like
It is necessary to use several LaTeX packages for TpX to be functional (see TpX output formats and LaTeX preamble). One can start from template document called Template.tex in TpX distribution.

It is possible to keep TpX drawings in a subdirectory. The command in LaTeX file would be
if subdirectory name is mypics. Set IncludePath in TpX file to mypics/.

TpX can be used as a stand-alone editor for vector graphics without targeting LaTeX. For example, some people use it to produce EMF graphics for inclusion into popular office programs. It is possible to create graphics in many export formats. However, note that TpX is not able to embed fonts in most export formats. Moreover, one needs LaTeX to produce nice-looking formulas. See Export formats for more details.

TpX can be used from command line without GUI. See TpX command line options.